Living in a Big Place OOC

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Living in a Big Place OOC

Post by Heather on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:46 am

You are a human being, stuggling in the city. You can either be a rich person, living life to the fullest. A person stuggling to even keep food on the table at home. Or a poor hobo living under the big bridge across town. One day, though, a big gang comes through your city, and starts robbing stores. They break into houses, and they steal vehicles while you turn your back. They beat you down to nothing in the alleys, or even kill you! The cops can't find out where this gang stays, or who the gang even is. Your either one of those normal human beings living life...or a nasty gang member, killing those innocent people.

Good Human Character Sheet
Lifestyle [Hobo, Rich, Struggling]:
Ect. [Anything else you want to add]:


Gang Member Character Sheet


My character:
Name: Jen
Age: 27
Appearance: Couple in photo below
Lifestyle [Hobo, Rich, Struggling]: Hobo
Ect. [Anything else you want to add]: Has a little kitty, named Feefee. Girlfriend to Dennis

Name: Dennis
Age: 30
Appearance: Couple in photo above.
Lifestyle [Hobo, Rich, Struggling]: Hobo
Ect. [Anything else you want to add]: Boyfriend to Jen.

Jen and Dennis sat in the underground sewer, cuddling with each other. Jen looked up at Dennis.
"I'm hungry." She said, with a heart tearing look on her face.
"Me too." He said, hurt. He never wanted them to end up like this. Alone on the side of the streets. No food or shelter. He was just glad they didn't have any kids.
He had heard about the gang that was around the city. He didn't want them to end up murdering them.
"Come on, we will find something to eat." He said, and headed out the sewer.

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