Safe Return..?

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Safe Return..?

Post by AnthonyRules on Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:44 pm

Jack Awakes to a massive headache, and a throbbing pain in his lower knee. as his blurry vision becomes clear, he notices his head is fastened securely, and he is unable to move his neck around, from what he can see, (presumably the ceiling) theres a clear metallic liquid, but..also a solid? Jacks head hurts more just thinking about it. as he tries to make out what he is seeing.. "A see-through floor? ceiling?" his head feels like its going a million miles an hour, so he shuts his eye..eye..Ah! he tries to blink, but Only one eye closes, he starts to have a panic attack, and his pupil dailates quickly, the urge finally shoots at him in a burst of searing pain. The cold, dead air hits his brain, and red, gory mess, were his eyeball should be. He can feel his retina Broken, He want's to cry, but a salty, clear tear dribbles out of his retina, settling in his eye-flesh, the salt burning his bare flesh like Hell, he screams a Murderous scream, and he abruptly hears a swooshing sound, and, at what seemed the speed of light, A bieng so God-Like, Jack cannot recall its features, in his mind, only a Light, whiter than any white ever to grace the human eye, is in its place. "God?" He thinks, this beings divine beauty overtaking his entire body, making his mind drift away from his eye, that was causing him searing pain just moments before, Jack can feel his lips moving, his vocal cords working.What was he saying? Was he..Communicating with the Alien? He'd give anything to remember. He feels his Wrist relax, realizing whatever was holding his wrist had been removed, then his legs, then, his Neck. For some reason, he had an unexplainable feeling of why he knew he shouldnt look around, all he could stare at was this White Light, as he went to approach it, his feet fell from under him, and he could see this white light, getting farther and farther from him. "No...No.." He whispers as he awakes back in his Twin Sized Bed.

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