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Post by Guest on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:37 am

[i]Quest of Fanja.

Character Sheet.



Appearance:(pictures accepted too)

Normal form:

Second form:



Job if any:

Other:[[You MAY include a history if you like]]

My Characters

Name: Spencer Blood

Age: 24

Appearance:Quest to Fanja OOC Wolf10

Normal form: Human

Second form: Warrior

Clan: Bagans clan of royalty

Weapons: Anything she can get her hands onto

Job if any: Warrior and Airmen/Forces commander.

Other: --

Name: Chaos Bagans

Age: 20

Appearance:Quest to Fanja OOC _celes10

Normal form: Human

Second form: Guardian or Salan/Magic user.

Clan: Salan Clan of mischief.

Weapons: Anything

Job if any: Evil Defender and Guardian of Fanja

Other: She will do anything to drop people off like flies.

Name: Leong Aker

Age: 25

Appearance:Quest to Fanja OOC Rl_arc10
(not a good pic but imagine him in red, with blue eyes and a soul patch xD)
Normal form: Human

Second form: Fire Shooter

Clan: Aker clan of Archers

Weapons: Most Bows and arrows

Job if any: Guardian of Aker clan

other: Has many secrets.

More then one character accepted. No more then 4 though! Any questions, comments, concerns, PM me. I will put up the IC after I get a few characters here.


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