Kids Have It Good. :)

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Kids Have It Good. :) Empty Kids Have It Good. :)

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:43 am

Going to dinner meant you take me to MacDonalds or Taco Bell.

Getting high meant you got higher on the swings then me.

Racing meant seeing who could run faster across the play ground.

The worst thing you could get from boys was cooties.

Your worst enemies were your siblings,

Wearing make up didnt mean you were a whore.

Reading wasnt an issue.

Being smart didnt mean you were a nerd.

Name calling was "Loser or butthead" not "Asshole or bitch"

People breakdanced not hearts.

Love was for family not boys.

Having jewelry was all about the stick ons.

The coolest electronic thing was a tamagotchi or gameboy.

Pokemon was the coolest thing to trade.

Blowing bubbles not dicks.

Eating out meant going to fast food places.

Rock bottom was at the bottom of the slide.

Rainbows meant luck.

Music was all about being you.

Gay didnt have a meaning.

Everyone shopped at the same place.

No one was emo, goth, rapper, redneck.

Best video game was pacman.

Guns were made by a thumb and index finger.

Candy was bad.

Energy was normal.

Water was the best drink.

You looked forward to being in high school.

Being on the phone was 5 minutes not 5 hours.

War was a card game.

Cough medicine was the only drug you had ever heard of.

Drama was a type of play.

The worst thing to do was steal crayons.

Boys REALLY DID pick on you if they liked you.

Kissing was icky.

Wearing skirts didn't mean you were a slut.

When you said wasted you were talking about time.

The only thing you smoked was the tires on your bike.

The only thing that hurt was skinned knees.

The only things that could get broken were your toys.

Life was simple and care free.

But now its all bad.

Remember when you wanted to grow up?


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