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Unknown Warning! Empty Unknown Warning!

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:43 am

I hear things.

I see things.

I feel things.

That you dont.

My heart beats off.

My brains over thought.

My breathing is abnormal.

To let you know.

Hearing screams of nothing.

Seeing things not there.

Feeling more then you.

I am not well.

Somethings here.

Someones here.

Some day soon.

Itll show up.




I'm not myself

I need help.

I'm not alone.

neither are you.

There here with us.

There wanderers of life.

They dont know you.

But theyll use you.

Black outs all day.

Being unaware of them.

Being more then myself.

I'm not me anymore.

Pains in my heart.

Pains in my side.

Pains in my head.

It's them!




I'm becoming one of them.


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