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Everything! Empty Everything!

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:42 am




Any day.

Any try fails

wastes a life away

True is False

Life is Death

once more please dont forget

We were so true

But yet so far

Fell in love

And out again.

I felt so good

now so bad

Black is White

Light is Dark

My heart pounds do fast

and now it stops

I believe this starts again.

We must move on

Keep a smile

Never stay for a while

We are so young

The world wont stop

Just to let us catch up.

We must keep moving

Never going back

Never thinking what could of been

We must smile big

and keep our worries small.

Yesterday is the past

To keep us ahead

Tomorrows the future

To keep us looking

Today is the present

A gift to help you.

Move on, never look back

Smile and never hold back.


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