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Russian Roulette [OOC] Empty Russian Roulette [OOC]

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:23 am

They sat in a group. Amy was first as she spun the barrel and closed her eyes. Dud. A sigh of relief passed through her body as she handed the gun off. She watched as the gun got passed around. It got to her sister, Jamie. Jamie spun the barrel and closed her eyes as tears ran down her face. "I love you Amy. Im sorry. Youll know why later!" BANG!

It started with a dare and ended with a lose. Millions of questions unanswered. Why?.... Why not?

Walking down a street people. She hates the world. She hates people. Nothing will change it. She noticed every movement someone had. The homeless man with a sign saying, "He wants change, so do I." A business man on a phone, "Yes, Done. Coffee? Done. Call me back." Guess he cant form sentences. She kept walking, not letting anyone stop her. Nothing would set her off if someone wasted her time.

As she rounded the corner, she saw Cafe Hey. She walked in and passed the tables, into the back office.

"Hey, Amy?" A voice said from the back.

"What Josh?"

"You look absolutely amazing today." He muttered.

"Really? I could give less a shit." She spoke with a smile and slammed the door behind her.

*Stupid guys. Thinking I want to even acknowledge them...*

Files scattered across her desk she opened one. "Jamie Plaint" Reading it over and over then throwing it behind her. Dialing numbers leading to dial tones. Giving up and leaving her office just as quick as she walked in. She was suppose to be meeting everyone from that horrid night but none had shown last time. Why bother.....


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