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Post by Guest on Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:47 pm

Chapter 1

"I've done the best I can. But now I realize it means nothing to a fool like you. May god have mercy on your soul because I wont." She said as she slid the knife down the mans face. She began singing a sweet little tune.

"I'm not running from you anymore...Oh, In my eyes your just a pain, all I wanted was you..try to be someone else, nothing seemed to change. This is who I really am, now this is you."

He tried to scream. Nearly choking on the cloth tied around his mouth to the back of his head. She slid the knife hard against his throat. "Shut the fuck up cutie." Smiling as blood dripped onto the the floor as his body fell forward, but not entirely.

Her eyes flashed open as she sat up in bed, laughing. She turned and placed her feet on the floor.

Sighing, she stood and walked towards the bathroom. A sharp pain grew in her and she stumbled to the wall and slowly moved towards the floor. She because to whisper, holding out her hand slightly, a small orb appeared into her hand slowly until it fully was there. She slammed her hand to her chest and stood up slowly. Continuing to her bathroom. "I get what I deserve. Rise and fall. Huh." She spoke in a hushed tone to herself.

As she stepped into the bathroom the shower turned on and began to steam. She glared at it for a moment, then stripped down and got into the steam and flow of water. She sat on the floor of the shower and let the water hit her back. She began to think about things. In a hurry she whipped her head up and remembered she had had a man stay over at her house. A secret love if you might say. "Is he still in bed? Did he leave?" Turning the shower off, she grabbed a towel and walked quickly with her head down into her room.

Seeing no one in the bed, she got dressed and began to dry her hair with the towel.
Leaving the room, hurring down the stairs to see if there was anyone in the house with her. She was wondering where the man had gone. She rounded the corner to the kitchen and saw no one. Turning around, she ran into someone. Backing up and looking, she spoke, "I had wondered where you had gone." He began to walk infront of her, smiling. Forcing her to the wall and grabbed her arms and pinned them to the wall as well. "You really think I would hide from you, Bone." He said with a devious grin.

She got one hand free and went to strike his neck. But he grabbed her hand. She thought, "Kick his shin shattering the bone, knee his head breaking the the nose, duck a blind hit and disable vocal cords. Elbow ribs shattering two of them and dislocate the arm. Slip to back side and high kick into the wall. " She smiled and bit her lip and spoke, "Babe, you know how much I really want you?" He softened his grip and her plan took action. Command and exicute was her strategy. She followed through and he fell to the floor. "I want fucking die."

Blood on her knuckles, she sighed. Kicked him, then drug him to the front lawn and left him there. He wasnt in that much pain. Well to her anyways. She slowly went up the steps to her bathroom to was her hands and finish getting dressed. Rushing to get breakfast down, and then out the door. Passing the striken man, kicked him again and got into her Misubishi Eclipse and backed out of the drive way and away down the road.


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