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Quest of Fanja.

Chapter 1:

She stood lone, last one left of the Airmen she had commanded so recently. On a balcony, awaiting her father to step from the fear of darkness in his office. As she turned and scowled, letting out a small sigh, as a loud crack came from the distance. The sounds of a tall building protruding to fall to the ground. Her father finally stepped out of the room, the small coward he really was showed through him. She elegantly stepped towards him, grabbing his finely pressed suit collar. She had surpassed her father in height indeed, but yet she still was weaker then him. She glared at his eyes though to what it seemed, his soul, with anger and deception. "Can you believe you wiped out this city, my Airmen, my armed forces, just to protect yourself! Killing thousands maybe millions of innocent lives! Be glad I am not dead!" She let go of him and stalked over to the edge and stared out at what seemed to be the end of the streets below.

"Dear, dear Spencer, I never intended for this to happen. Your sister Chaos is on a quest for royalty. I had to try to stop her, yet I failed at it miserably." He swallowed a gasp of breath. "She is on the streets below looking for you I presume and the secret. The only way she can find it is through you." He spoke with remorse and hostility. As Spencer went to speak she was interrupted by a howl from the hills. She turned and narrowed her eyes, whispering. "Chaos." She took off with a sudden burst of anger. Her mind filled with unease and she gripped the shoulder of the balcony with anger. She had so desired to change into a Warrior and run down the streets on all four paws and towards the outskirts of the town and spot Chaos as a Guardian.

Yet her father would tell her, "That is your sister, she is only trying to get to you." Spencer knew what she was facing. She stormed past her father, moving him from her path. Out the from door of his office and to the stairs that would lead to the dusty streets of dead and wounded. Walking past all the moans and cries and whispers, she heard another howl. She picked up her pace, still with the thought of her beloved soldier that was lost some were in the city. She did not think of what might have happened, she needed to stay strong.

Stepping quickly she grabbed her amulet. Whispering only a few words she felt and itch grow and a chill ran her spine. "Efil rof esruc ym, nedrub llams ym." She felt her body change into the burden she has had for life. Spencer needed to end this even if it was her own blood. The sounds of familiar howls echoed the city as Spencer began to run to the grounds of chills that she had forbidden herself from ever going. She knew this battle was going to take place, but still, felt unready.

Chaos turned and awaited Spencer to get close. A grin plastered on her devilish face, she knew this was going to be an ease to her mind. She loved her fierce cries that scared any man. She watched close to see if Spencer had caught on. That she had been awaiting Spencer to tell her her demands for royalty. Changing her mind, she shook off the feeling, her grin fell and a determined howl rose from her throat.

Spencer rounded the corner and up the hill, not speaking a word, but running close to Chaos. She drew and long blade from her side and held it there as she ran, to keep it a secret. Element of surprise was on the other foot though. Chaos quickly dissolved into the air and appeared right behind Spencer. Holding her blade stationary. A quick snap forward of the blade echoed in Spencer's head as she fell to her knees with wide eyes. Her strength was nothing more then the power of an ant. But she knew she had more up her sleeve then Chaos would know.

Snapping around, she shot the blade clear through Chaos. Giggling, Chaos moved forward as blood dripped off the end of the blade. "Is this all you have for me little sis? Just a mer blade through me. Prepare for a shock." She pushed herself to the grip of the blade and smiled. "I'm immortal dear." she muttered while vanishing, then reappearing next to Spencer, pulling a dagger from her heel. The dagger slammed into Spencer, directly into her side. Her breathing grew heavy and she dropped the blade falling on her hands.

Ripping the dagger from Spencer's side she wiped it clean and stuck it back to her heel. Then walked in front of Spencer and lifted her chin. Spencer clenched her jaw, and awaited her punishment from her own blood. Well, from what it seemed.

She leaped at Chaos and fell through air to the ground. Chaos had vanished from sight. Spencer stood and was herself just as soon as she had gotten there. She barked out, "Chaos! Show your self coward!" Spencer hissed and calmed down. She began to walk back to town, head down and she pulled her hood over her head. Thinking about Chaos and how she learned magic. Also, what did her father mean by Chaos wanting the secret. And needed to get it through her? She grasped her amulet, she spoke to herself..."She wants my...My amulet...She wants Father!" Stepping off to a stumble, then full sprint towards the town and balcony she had left her father on.

Chapter 2:

She climbed the stairs to the office then to the balcony. She crashed through the doors and saw Chaos gripping her father's throat. He was struggling to breath. Spencer knelt to the floor on one knee and acted like she was giving in to demands. Her father did nothing to deserve this much pain. "What do you want?" Spencer said with one tone. Chaos glanced over towards Spencer and tightened her grip on her father. Chaos chuckled with evil and spoke. " I want your amulet. I want power. I quench for power...Give it to me and your father will live. As I have said before, I want nothing to do with this family. I just want all the power he gave you. It should have been mine. I deserve it all!." Spencer tired to hide her amulet in her top or to the side of the sleeve of the traditional battle wear she had on. That she always had on. She stood and growled, swiftly walked over to Chaos.

As so, Chaos gripped down on his neck more. His breathing nearly stopped. Spencer felt a great pain in her chest. Chaos grinned and held her father over the edge. Spencer let her head drop and tried not to cry. She father was the only thing she knew that she had left. Nothing bad should ever happen to him...not even being yelled at. Chaos laughed until it faded away. Spencer stood and looked around to see nothing her. Just a quiet city, destroyed.

Spencer turned and slide down the short wall and hung her head to her knees. She began to cry and talk to her self. "Why did I leave? I fell for a trap. I let father almost die and its all my fault...I must go find Elders in the forest. She will help me. She told me also to never cry but yet that is what I am doing." She sighed and stood. She wiped her face of the tears. She walked to the door, looking back towards the sunset, thinking. She turned and slammed the door behind her. She walked out the front doors and down to the streets once more. She walked down the street and headed for the forest.

She got past the trees at the beginning but was hit numerous times by branches. She got hit one to many times and grew dizzy. She was confused now from the blurred vision. Not knowing were to go she stopped and collapsed. Changing back to normal form as she usually did. She laid silent, breathing slowly.

When arm of an unknown person carried her over to a tall tree. She felt strong yet soft hands on her hands and face. She was shaken and awoke. She opened her eyes slowly and everything was a blur. She could see a figure in front of her. She finally focused and noticed a man that reminded her of Robin Hood but better. He had a crafted face, a sculpt body and wore a standard orange Archer outfit. He had soft blue eyes that distracted her and a small soul patch on his chin. She laid against the tree and sighed. She had only once seen such a man, It was a man who she was promised, who she completely fell in love with. Spencer had chosen to wait for 'Mr. Right' to find her. She found him. Yet lost him at the same time.

Sitting up, she glared at him. He grinned and she began to giggle. "So, young miss, Why did I find you passed out like a light, and all cut up?" She looked at him with a blank look. She didn't speak at first but hugged him. He was shocked but at ease. She let go and stood. " I am Spencer Blood and I am a ... Er..Warrior of the - ... I shall not say where but let alone close. My sister has taken my dad to Fanja and I must get him back before she goes to far. I guess I passed out from being weak." As he stood she turned away and began to think. He walked the way her face was and began to ask. " But...But Fanja is forbidden...Chaos must be your sister...Hm. And your...." He gasped and smiled, " Your princess Spencer of the Bagan's clan of royalty. You changed your name to stand away from the fact you were next in line for crown." She turned to him with a suprised look on her face. "How do you know so much about me? Are you a guardian of the Salan clan? If so, you tell Chaos, Ill have all Salan's forces cu-" She was very confused and interrupted. "No..No..I am prince Leong of the Aker clan of Archers. I came to the forest outskirts to find more fire rocks for arrows...I may be of assistance to you for what your father has done to save us. If...That is, mind you. Quiet all right with you ma'am?"

She was very confused now. She sighed and didn't ask a thing. Only tilted her head and smiled at him. " Yes I am. I am Spencer. I am now the great Warrior who shall save my father..If you can help that would be swell but we need more people if we are to go forth and fight." He gestured towards the forest and the way of his clans town. They began walking towards the town, talking on they began to fade into the woods.

They reached the town and awaited greetings from the elders.

Chapter 3:

They reached the town and awaited greetings from the elders. Her prime was her Elder. That is what Spencer calls her. But the walked through the town, eyes of others wandered at the sight of the princess that saved them, coming back but not for more then a hour or two. Those people did not know what the situation was so how could they talk like it was any of their time. Any of their problem. They weren't missing a king, a ruler...a father, like Spencer was.

They had no clue that her father, the king, was in great danger. How could they know. It wasn't like they watched her father nearly die, then vanish into air with out a warning. His life is on the line at the moment. If only Chaos had taken her love, or someone that wasn't so important. Maybe, just maybe, Spencer wouldn't care as much as she does.

"Something is not right. Leong!" She called him back. His attention did not seem to be reached. But others heard her yells. They walked by and whispered as if she was not there. She narrowed her eyes and walked on. Catching up with Leong, as she pulled her hood over her face so it only showed what she wanted. People pointed and some fled to a hiding spot until she walked upon them and posted to a new spot.

"Leong, why has everyone gotten a look as if I am going to burn the town down. What have your people told them?" He sighed and walked on. No answer. Spencer knew something was not right, yet Leong would not say a single word to her. Something was wrong. She knew it. Spencer always knows when something isn't said that is means something cant be right, never is. She hated the looks they gave her.

Reminded her of Chaos's face before she has taken her father way. That was not something Spencer wanted to relive ever again. The feeling of letting your father down. Of letting the king down? Maybe she should not worry about it anymore. Maybe she should focus on speaking with Elder. Or maybe someone of a higher power that could aid her on her quest to Fanja.She moved past him trying to leave him behind. She knew her land navigation pretty well.

Nothing is to hard for her, never. She could not wait any longer to get there. She already had very low patients that she didn't want to deal with these people any more. She hated this place already. She stepped off to lead off and he grabbed her hand and held her back. "Please dont leave. They are not talking about you. It is me they speak of. Only because, I am not worth to be even twenty miles near a lady of your power." He held her hand and walked. Not knowing what she was thinking, he played with her hand with his thumb.

She blushed and walked with him until the came upon a large building that looked like it dated back a long time. They had made it to the temple. This is where Spencer and Chaos learned all there training and skills. Other then magic. Father told them, magic is something they never need. Ever. They were rivals from start. Chaos might be younger, but she tormented Spencer. Just because every person Spencer ever loved, died. Some way or another.

Chapter 4:

They walked inside, around the twisted hallways upon templates that had all the language that Spencer spoke. The one that had her curse inscripted into it. Establishing her ground she read aloud the correct template and continued on. Winding down all the hallways until she found eight large posts. She read one and her Elder appeared. "Good Morning My Fair Princess...What may I do for you today?" She spoke with a older womans voice. Soft and gentle like the wind, she looked like a Gentile too.

"I have come to seek guidance, one from a strong, helping male, maybe a few. Im on a quest to Fanja to retreve my father from Chaos's arms. My I also ask when the common folk speak of me and Leong as if we are the lowest living life forms on this planet?" The Elder looked at her and grinned. "My dear child. I am worried that they know why your here. I am sorry. This is only something the head master can help you with. But I am afraid I can not get a hold of him today."

Leong grabbed the post and read another one. He read it wrong too. Spencer's elder retreated back into her post and Spencer and Leong gave each other a long stare and she stormed out of the post room. Every chance he got, he grabbed her and tried to pull her back to wake the Elder once more. They needed help and Leong messed it up.

She winded back down the hallways, back out the front and headed for the forest. She was going to go find some of her Airmen. See if any survived this causality. Maybe at least Shade survived. As she walked down the streets, Leong chased her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back once more. "Don't leave me behind Ma'am." He pulled her once more which brought her against his body. They blushed and quickly because quiet. They began to walk with out talking, just awkwardness between the strangers.

They headed into the forests like nothing was going to happen. They wandered by trees and houses. Past creatures and myths. Things they did not care for. Our of the corner of Leong's eyes he saw something. He knocked Spencer off her feet and to the ground. Looking around to see Salan Guardians passing through. Looking for Spencer most likely. If they had found her, she would never make it to Fanja. Alive anyways.

He sighed and looked down. He was basically on top of her. He got up and shook himself off then helped her up. She did the same and blushed a tomato red. Her mind was telling her to kiss this man, but she barely knew him. Plus, what if Shade is alive? She wasn't about to cheat. She turned and began to walk. He grabbed her arm and bulled her to a spot were he hid her. "Salan clan is looking for you ma'am."

She got up and began to walk. Hoping that the Salan clan saw her.


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